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about me

I'm Dan Grimm. I'm a singer/ song writer living in Ojai, California. What keeps me on this journey of mine is playing rock 'n' roll with country soul. At the age of five I wrote a song called "Cow horses- They don't bite me".  An expanding number of years later I'm still here writing Flip Floppytonk, ghost ballads, love songs, and sincere expressions of my inner dork.  I'm lucky enough to have some of the world's tastiest musicians around and with enough support we're going to make a lot of tunes, so thank you for your interest in my music and please consider purchasing my albums. In return for your generosity, I look forward to providing what music has always given to me- a good time, serum for a troubled mind, a little light for a tight bind, and a soundtrack to our busy lives. 

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